First Impression is not the last impression

The first impression is your last impression but definitely not your only impression, despite that, it is the first impression which decides if you are getting a second chance or not and you should never miss a chance to impress. When you meet people for the first time, they are not aware of your true nature, intelligence or behavior.

It’s only you and your personality at that moment which is going to decide about the impression. In that case, you should always be poised and gracious. You should always try to be who you really are without faking your personality. Being original is always better than being someone you are not.

Your dressing sense plays an important role in summating your personality. Your clothes are the first thing people are going to notice you.

Having a good sense of dressing simply means to know what to wear on which occasion. You cant be going to the office in your T-shirt just because you feel comfortable. Your choice of clothes should reflect your mood and confidence.

Every time you are out trying to wear perfect apparel which not only suits or fits you perfectly but also provide you comfort because a comfortable dress will always boost your confidence.

So no matter if you are going on a date or out with friends, wearing good clothes is always going to increase your grace.

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